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Like the Statement of Purpose, Recommendations play a key role in admission decisions.

Meridian Consultancy makes a very careful assessment and suggests students on -
  • Who should recommend,
  • What is the content of recommendations?
  • What decisions are taken based on the content of recommendation,
  • Which are the most effective recommendations?
  • How many recommendations to be submitted etc. are the key aspects?

Who should recommend?

Depending upon the level of study, recommendations could be made by,

1) For admission at the Bachelor's level - Lecturers, who has taught the student in key subjects or specializations and has a good insight on the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant.

Principal or head of the Institution- who may or may not have taught the student directly.

2) For admission at the Master's level - Professors/Teachers could provide their insights into the academic performance, co and extra-curricular activities of the applicant.

Guides, , who have supervised the student in their project work, within the college or an institution could also provide an effective recommendation since that reflects on the practical skills of the applicant in a perceived work-place.

In case of applicants who have work experience, it is best to seek at least one academic recommendations from the college/university and one from either the immediate supervisor or the overall 'boss' in the work place.

What constitutes a 'good' recommendation?

Any recommendation must logically cover the following five points, in order to make them effective and 'good'.

1) How the applicant is known to the recommender and in what capacity.

2) Observation of academic and non-academic skills of the applicant with a critical acclaim - to show that the recommendation is unbiased.

3) Ranking the applicant comparatively, within his class or college, amongst his fellow-students.

4) Indicating strengths and weaknesses of the applicant in any area - academic or non-academic - and how that could be overcome by the student.

5) Finally, recommending the applicant for admission into the chosen program.

It would be best to provide the recommendation on the letter-head of the person concerned or at least of the college/organization of the recommender.

Please ask your recommender to include his/her contact details (email, phone and mailing address) within the recommendation itself.
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